Here’s a shout out to sisters.

After I had my first daughter, and was pregnant with our second, I secretly wished I would have a bunch of daughters…

After my second daughter was born, I will never forget what my dad said to me as he held our newborn, “I hope you enjoy your daughters as much as I have enjoyed mine.”

Well – I am trying not to take anything for granted and truly enjoying my daughters as well.  Three little girls later, and being a little sister myself, I am all about sisterhood.


Sisters fight, but are fiercely devoted to each other.

Sisters complain, but admire each other just the same.

Sisters are loyal and caring and tough and funny and so amazing.


I am gifted with an amazing sister.  Anna and Ella and Mia are gifted with two amazing sisters each…

Let’s hear about your sister(s)!


  1. Hayes says:

    Gifted indeed!!!!

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