My name is Saskia and I was immediately thrilled when Courtney approached me to write a few words about my new venture with MonaVie.

MonaVie offers 5 different premium health juices (Mx, Active, Pulse, Mmun, Essential and Kosher). MonaVie MX is my favorite of all. This 3-in-1 juice cocktail provides powerful antioxidant support while promoting joint and immune health. This health and wellness drink offers a broader array of antioxidants than ever before with 19 fruits and 11 vegetables.

My kids were immediately intrigued by the juice as well. They know the purple label (“Essential”) is their bottle. One of the very first clearly spoken words of my two year old was “MonaVie”. Crazy, right? I’m happy they love drinking it and knowing how good it is for them. If it would be up to my 5 year old daughter we would have a  “MonaVie stand” on the side of the road (instead of a lemonade stand).

MonaVie is always trying to improve their products or bring new products on the market. One of their newest program is the weight solution program RVL. I wanted to know what it’s all about. On weekly webinars I hear about the success stories from others and knew I wanted to integrate RVL into our lifestyle. Our family is pretty busy and often I don’t always take the time for myself to eat right, my focus is always the kids. But especially when I’m super busy I can just make a shake knowing it’s super balanced and gives me all the nutritions I need. The shakes are super yummy. The good part about is that everyone can drink them. “Mommy, please can I have a sip or two or three?” My kids love them.

If you got a little curious what MonaVie is all about, please check out “http://buckscounty.mymonavie.com/” where you are able to read more about the MonaVie products. Also, follow me on Facebook: facebook.com/monavieBucks.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my love with MonaVie.


  1. Verena says:

    I tried them and love them! See if you can host a MonaVie Party or taste them anywhere else! They really are yummy!

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