*Easy Summer Craft*

Hi! Here is our take on the popular Garden Dream Flags craft. These little beauties are inspired by Tibetan prayer flags and they will add a little fun to any outdoor or indoor space. We used fabric we had lying around (think UPCYCLE) but you could certainly make them more durable by purchasing some duck canvas.

1 Cut six 8 by 8 inch squares of the fabric of your choice.

2 Using brightly colored acrylic paint, let your little one “get to town”. Asking for specific designs may be a little far fetched for the wee ones,  just embrace their “unique” painting style on all 6 squares of fabric.


3 Take 1/2 inch of the top of the fabric (after it has been painted) and wrap it around a thick piece of canvas twine, then adhere with gorilla glue (or something of similar strength).  Find some small heavy items (we used cups and rocks) to hold the fabric in place, while the glue dries( We left a little slack on both ends of twine and spaced the pieces of fabric about 6 inches apart). Please do this for each piece of fabric.

4 We used some hot pink duct tape (naturally) to hang these little beauties up, but you can use whatever your sweet little heart desires!

5 Voila!




For this craft you will need scissors, fabric, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, twine, gorilla glue (or similar substitute), small heavy items (to hold fabric in place while glue is drying). Have fun!






  1. Eve says:

    These flags look great! So pretty.

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