All I wanted to do was paint my toenails…


So, I sequestered myself to the kitchen and started painting.


Not two minutes had passed when I had 2 kids shouting “Me next! Me next!”  (And one saying, “When you’re finished, would you paint mine?” – gotta love that 9 year old J)


Quickly, I went from one to the next to the next, and no sooner had I finished the last one’s toes when I dump the entire bottle of green nail polish all over the tile floor.  It’s in the grout, it’s on Ella’s leg, it spans a 4 foot circumference around the kitchen… it’s everywhere.

And worse, it’s not coming up even a little with the first two cleaners I try.


The kids watched in awe as I transformed into a women with her hair on fire—

scrubbing and scrubbing, mixing up new concoctions to try, all the time talking to myself.  It was probably one of those moments I would love to have on video, in retrospect.


Yes, I freaked out a little.  Yes, I lost my cool and looked like a crazy person in front of my kids.  But, I did learn something from this.


As I’m having my tantrum on my hands and knees with my scrub brush, my three kiddos sneak upstairs, clean their rooms, make their beds, and even make MY bed.


Sometimes when everything is going well and we are busy being Supermom while successfully juggling 8 balls in the air—  we don’t have a chance to see how our kids can really pick up and ball and run with it when necessary.


When the girls came down the stairs and told me what they had done, they found a much cleaner floor, and a much calmer mom.  They taught me a lesson in keeping my cool and trusting their capabilities that I will remember long after this coat of green nail polish is gone.

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