*What I Know Now*

Wipe warmers, bottle warmers, and a baby sleep wedge. These were three things I was sure I would not be able to survive without, in preparation for my daughter 5 years ago. If you were to ask me what baby #2 needed desperately, I would say a crib. A crib and a stroller (which I will probably get from my favorite local consignment shop MILK MONEY) and not a heck of a lot more. The looks of concern I receive from this comment are laughable, it’s funny people! This baby will not have stacks of expensive items that are all supposed to help comfort him because I’ve been there and done that, almost all of my stuff ended up at Goodwill. I think it’s totally normal to get a little crazy buying baby stuff the first time around but by baby #2 you are pretty much a seasoned veteran.

Babies are resilient little buggers and  I’m thinking it probably feels pretty darn good to have a cold wipe on your bottom after you’ve been rocking a diaper all day.



  1. I just saw this today… cracking up. I have been at a lot of baby showers lately and love seeing photos of new moms and all of their gear on Facebook. I know I bought a lot of it too… by the fourth time around, I’m just glad they’re fed and happy. With every kid, we realized we needed less stuff and more laughs.

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