Mommy, Can I “Help?”

In the history of all the moms that have ever existed, I am astounded that there has not yet been a word or phrase coined to describe when a child wants to “help” you cook, clean, pick out your outfit, put items on the grocery belt, etc.

The correct word is just not “helping”.

Trying out some words and phrases that better describe this effort…

“Inhibiting forward movement”?

“Making the task take longer”?

“Slowing Mommy down and testing her patience”?

All true, but just too negative considering the pure joy in your child’s face as they try to “help” you.

Perhaps it is for good reason that in all these centuries of mommies, there is yet to be a word or phrase coined to describe your child’s efforts to help you.  The very best I can think of is still “helping” – of course with the “air quotes!”

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